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“Truly grateful for the risks and struggles my parents endured to escape Iran and build a life in the Netherlands. The fruitful Dutch soil has given me countless opportunities to unfold my curiosities and talents, granting me this international life.”

Bijan’s life knows many impactful events. Raised by a single mother, political refugee at 6, divorced parents at 9, working at 11 to contribute at home, he had to grow up quick. Most of his life he has been confronted with PTSD, burn-outs, manic and bi-polar depressions. His optimistic resolve is hard to shake, and was put to the test at 25 by breaking his neck.

A self-proclaimed Roughneck, his recovery was a roller-coaster ride of trial and hard errors, re-discovering his true self. Old survival mechanisms and patterns became more disabling than his spinal cord injury. He had to break his leg too to truly accept his handicap, start his emotional healing and enable himself to playfully embrace his true passion: life.

pre-order his book “Hardnekkig“, the heartfelt story of how an intense young man rediscovers how he experiences freedom an connection.

Enabling himself and others, fall and winter he lives in the Dutch Caribbean to reduce physical pain, spring and summer he resides in Europe. Available worldwide!

Wanting to be a construction worker at a young age, after graduating the Johan van Oldenbarnevelt Gymnasium, Bijan enrolled for a Bachelor in Architecture at the Technical University of Delft. He holds 2 MSc degree’s: Urbanism + Real Estate Management. He’s a certified Amrit Institute Yoga Nidra teacher.

Bijan started his first business at 18 and never applied for a job ever since. From a music studio manager, he grew to a video producer and combined his curiosity and creativity as a (youth) communication expert. He has a lot of project and process management experience in the built environment. During his rehabilitation he co-founded Yagoy, one of Amsterdam’s biggest yoga schools. Currently he’s a speaker, writer and enabler.

Every week he produces a WheelLife video, having fun with words and the camera. Free from shame and happy to address any and every topic, he uses this medium to fine-tune his public speaking. Subscribe to stay inspired how he dances with gravity! Open to collaboration and co-creation.

Looking at the 4th industrial evolution manifesting with climate change, major change is upon us. Disruptive change, the one Bijan knows best. A great opportunity to build our dreams, an inclusive sustainable habitat facilitating the unfolding of humans true potential.




Bijan Lotfi

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