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A quadriplegic who considers himself The Enabler and his clients Disabled. Not just a play on words, but a way of teaching: how do we look at ourselves and life. A very hands-on, independent and active character put in a disabled body offering constant restrains and pain, Bijan created the Energy Management Compass out of personal necessity.

Training and growing your Adaptability Quotient (AQ) is paramount for dealing with change. Letting go of the old enables you to embrace the new with less friction. Training your body, your thoughts and emotions to integrate and release new programming will not just benefit your personal life, it’s the cornerstone of your professional adventure in the 21st century.

Life is a journey, you are a traveler. With Bijan you can develop a compass tailored to your personality and current quest.

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How do you recover best? Not just sleep, nutrition and rest! What activities feed your male and female energy? Start an experiment full of valuable discoveries about your own human condition!

With Bijan as your Enabler you can strip away the layers of external and contextual programming and become the administrator of your system. Redefine ambition and success based on your core self, and update your habits, environment and selfperception based on freedom and connection.

Enablement is a process of introspective assignments, combined with Yoga Nidra sessions and 1 on 1 talks focused on what needs to happen for you to be you. Together we’ll burn the to-do mind-state and navigate towards being. With an experimental approach to this game called life, we will design your own Energy Management Compass. A handy tool to enable you to pursue the physical activities and environments where you harvest female and male energy.

Freedom and connection, how do you experience these 2 aspects of your essential purpose? What is your current programming and how did it come to be like this? Which updates will bring you close to your core the quickest? What part of you has trouble with change, and why? With your own Energy Management Compass you will have plenty of the required energy to implement the change you require, and have the tools to handle the change life throws at you.

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To master the art of balance requires great insight, physically, mentally and emotionally. Discovering which physical activities and environments create energy  for you is at the core of designing ones Energy Management Compass.

Constant pain, a hyper sensitive nervous system and a very unstable physique impact Bijan’s thoughts and emotions daily. Besides the internal imbalance, life too is constantly changing. Figuring out how to sustain balance is the primary goal of The Disabled Enabler. What lies at the heart of the Energy Management Compass is knowing that every aspect of the human experience requires a different type of energy for recovery.

As the body might recover best from nutrients and rest, the female and male energies running your complex brain hemispheres reload best with certain physical activities. Bijan was forced to rediscover every aspect of his physiology and clarify how to recover from rational, emotional or physical impact. Designing and using your Energy Management Compass enables you to access your Adaptability Quotient and increase your resilience. Letting go of habitual behavior by assessing every day from an energy standpoint will prevent you from getting knocked out and prevent burn-outs.

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A broken neck leaving the entire body paralyzed. Infected lungs leaving just 30% capacity to breathe. Physical recovery takes time and good nutrients. Besides passive recovery, active recovery requires triggering the body to perform again. Understanding this aspect of the human condition and combining persistence with patience shows how anti-fragile the human body truly is.

Having 4 different start-ups failing after each other, leaving you questioning your intelligence. Add a couple of burn-outs to the financial setbacks and you know you need some healing. Back to the drawing board, literally. Rational recovery takes meditative activities and unloading. Figuring out what it is you are learning requires you to put aside concepts like pride and shame to enable your mental growth.

Have your partner of 4 years move out, accept a wheelchair 2 years after breaking your neck, and write your MSc thesis at the same time. In stead of feeling hurt, indulge and numb yourself with excessive behavior. Emotional recovery is maybe the hardest skill to practice, as it requires you to feel safe. Exercising self love is a gentle play between accepting the hugs and the hurt, letting it all pass through you while being self disciplined.




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